Welcome to MSP Sports

Thank you for your interest in MSP Sports.  MSP was founded as a strategic consultancy that seeks to work with best in class organizations to help them uncover, unlock and maximize the value of sponsorship assets.

Our work on behalf of sports properties allows them maximize sponsorship revenue through a strategic approach to identifying new prospects, renewing and expanding current partnerships and creating breakthrough sponsor activation platforms.

When advising corporate clients, MSP Sports' founder brings nearly 20 years experience in both brand side and agency environments to bear in order to help marketers achieve myriad objectives.

We work with brands to create marketing platforms utilizing sponsorships and events that allow

them to tap into consumers’ passion points, alter their perception of a brand and ultimately influence their purchase behavior.

MSP also works with marketing agencies across a variety of areas, including business development strategy, prospect identification and engagement and brand and offering positioning.

To learn more about MSP Sports can help your organization, read on.